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All winery tours provided by Carolina Winery Tours are uniquely designed for each group to meet the expectations and goals of your tour.  We meticulously work with each client to answer any questions you have about the various wineries, regions, and/or features available in each area.  Our qualified drivers are more like guides that are able to answer questions and provide insights and information about each area that is visited.  All of this at a cost that is extremely competitive.

We truly desire for your experience to be exceptional and put in the extra effort to ensure that every tour exceeds expectations!

A Typical Winery Tour Experience…

All tours start the moment after a tour is booked and not at the pickup location.  This is an important part of our service that sets us apart from other companies offering winery tours.  After booking a tour you will receive an email from a real person who will be your concierge for planning your tour.  They will answer any questions you have, provide recommendations, and be there to help plan everything for your winery tour.  They will also contact you the week of the tour to confirm all of the details and answer any last minute questions you may have.

The day of the tour start at the pickup location which we recommend be a house, hotel, Airbnb, or some other location that will provide a safe drop-off location (doesn’t require any driving after drop-off).  Our service rates do not start until we get to the pickup location (we do not charge travel time to the pickup location).  Your guide will help you load up anything you would like to bring along (picnics, snacks, etc.), answer any questions, and then you are off on your special day!

As you visit each winery your guide will answer any questions you have about the location and will be available to assist with any needs or requests you may have.  They generally, however, hang back and let you enjoy the experience at the winery and the service provided by the exceptionally qualified winery staff.   Note that if the wineries have any special requirements for larger groups like advance notifications or reservations, we take care of this requirement unless specifically asked by a client not to take care of it.  Our tours are also not burdened with time limits or preplanned itineraries that limit the time you want to spend at a particular winery.  Everything we do is custom and can be altered to meet the needs of the moment.  If you are really enjoying a particular spot, no problem, stay longer.  It is all about you!

As your tour concludes your guide will safely bring your group back to the pick-up location, help you unload from the tour and then settle up any remaining fees that are due.

From our perspective a winery tour is really quite simple – provide the best possible service throughout the entire experience at the most competitive price.  From the customers perspective a winery tour with Carolina Winery Tours is anything but simple, normal, or routine…It will be exceptional!

A Note on Safety…

All winery tours provided by Carolina Winery Tours are operated, serviced, and booked by Van in Black, LLC.   Van in Black is a transportation company located in Western North Carolina that in addition to providing winery tours also provides airport shuttles, pub crawls, scenic tours, and other general transportation services.  They are fully compliant with all federal and state motor carrier requirements and maintain an active certificate of authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  They have a federal DOT number and are able to operate across state lines.  They also have North Carolina state “for hire” tags on all vehicles.  To ensure ongoing safety and regulatory compliance, Van in Black employs a third-party, National Transportation Consultants, to monitor the company and receives monthly reports from them.  Van in Black fully recognizes the importance of passenger safety and makes it a priority.

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